Report: College Football Playoff could expand to 12 teams

The College Football Playoff could expand from four teams to 12 over an eight-team system, Yahoo Sports reported Tuesday, citing influential stakeholders.Expanding the playoff will be the topic of discussion next month in Chicago when a working group evaluating the topic presents its finding to a committee of influential administrators.In concept, a 12-team playoff likely would include automatic bids for the Power Five conferences, plus the highest-ranked Group of Five teams. The other spots would be filled by at-large teams.Under the current four-game system, all participants are selected on an at-large basis.The CFP has been in effect since after the 2014 season, and only 11 teams have appeared in the seven years: Alabama (six times), Clemson (six), Ohio State (four), Oklahoma (four), Notre Dame (two) and one each for LSU, Georgia, Washington, Michigan State, Oregon and Florida State.