On Air Shows

Amy Lawrence

Amy Lawrence

A pioneer of sports radio and television, Amy Lawrence brings her passion and style to her late night weekday show. She will keep her night-owl listeners entertained as she discusses the day’s hottest topics in sports. Through the overnight hours, 1 AM to 5 AM on Sports Radio 1490 KTOP!MORE


Taz & the Moose

    Pete “Taz” Senerchia is a multiple professional wrestling world heavyweight champion, celebrated TV color commentator, and award-winning podcaster with more than three decades invested in both wrestling and broadcasting. His no-holds barred style, along with his impeccable comic timing and sarcastic wit, have helped to propel the popularity of his live digital streaming…MORE


The DA Show

Damon Amendolara, known by his fans as D.A., hosts a program where he provides a mix of the latest sports news, discussions and controversy, in addition to interviews with tastemakers from the sports world and calls from his avid listeners across the country. Weekdays 8 AM to 11 AM on Sports Radio 1490 KTOPMORE


Jim Rome Show

Perhaps the most respected voice in the world of sports broadcasting, Jim Rome is the leading opinion-maker of his generation. As host of the nation’s premiere sports radio talk show, as well as his daily television program, Rome is one of the most respected interviewers in sports broadcasting. Enter the Jungle weekday’s from 11 AM to 2 PM on Sports Radio 1490 KTOP! MORE

Tiki and Tierney

The Tiki & Tierney Show

Each weekday, former NFL Pro Bowl running back, Tiki Barber and radio and TV personality, Brandon Tierney tackle and analyze the day’s top stories and interview the biggest names in sports live from CBS Sports Radio’s studio in New York City. Weekdays 2 PM to 5 PM on Sports Radio 1490 KTOP!MORE

Reiter Than You

Reiter Than You

Reiter Than You“Reiter Than You” offers listeners a smart, candid, freewheeling and fun look at the day in sports…and he will never hold back. Weekdays 5 PM to 9 PM.   Personalities Bill Reiter is a writer and sports personality for CBS Sports. He hosts “Reiter Than You,” CBS Sports’ first live primetime digital television…MORE


Ferrall on the Bench

“Ferrall on the Bench” takes listeners through the day’s headlines and most talked about topics in sports, generates spirited discussions with callers, and conducts captivating interviews with a variety of special guests. Weeknights 9 PM to 1 AM on Sports Radio 1490 KTOPMORE